Let's take a look at our dishes:

beginning with our hors-d'oevre:

  • Baked mussels,
  • Elite deligts of the sea,
  • Sword fish thinly sliced with pink pepper,
  • Smoked sword fish,
  • S.Jacques shellfish,
  • Filet thinley sliced with rucola

our regional first courses:

  • Rapallo Pansoti stuffed pasta,
  • Trenette with pesto, potato and green beans,
  • Genovese minestrone soup,
  • Trofie with pesto, potato and green beans,
  • Basil risotto

the international ones:

  • Vegetarian Tagliatelle,
  • Pirate's Penne,
  • Spaghetti with seafood,
  • Sea Food Risotto,
  • Gorbaciov Risotto,
  • Indian risotto with spices,
  • Taglierini with little scampi,
  • Black pasta with shrimps and red salad,
  • Black ravioli with fish filling with rucola and large praws,
  • Taglierini with lobster

Our second courses of fish:

  • Sole with lemon,
  • Mixed fried fish,
  • Local fish grilled with potatoes,
  • Large prawns with tomato,
  • Large prawns with orange and Grand-Manier,
  • Scampi in delicious sauce,
  • Bass filet steamed with balsamic vinegar and salad,
  • Mixed grilled fish,
  • Symphony of the sea,
  • Lobster,
  • Fish soup (to be ordered in advance)

or the meat ones:

  • Ligurian style veal,
  • Sliced underdone filet with rocket,
  • Beef filet with green pepper,
  • Filet "Tartare",
  • Chateaubriant (for 2 people),
  • Woronoff filet with musted,
  • Rossini filet,
  • Old America filet

and in the right season:

  • Grilled mushrooms,
  • Mushrooms with potatoes country style

A big variety of Italian cheeses.

And our home-made desserts:

  • Vanilla parfait,
  • Cake/pie of the day,
  • Charlotte with apples,
  • Lemon sorbetto with vodka